Last year, we won the TOC. In addition, our 9-member Private Prep-Sharing team qualified 5 debaters to the TOC, received 24 bids, and reached deep elims (i.e. finished at least top 10) at the following tournaments: Greenhill, Bronx, Berkeley, Glenbrooks, Harvard Westlake, Harvard, Emory, Yale, Voices, Golden Desert, Stanford, University of Houston, USC, and Lexington. We also won several prestigious round robins such as the California Round Robin, Kandi King Round Robin, Harrison Round Robin, and the Newark Round Robin.

Every student on the Dropbox advanced to elimination debates at least once during the season and 8 of them reached at least the bid round. Want this to be you? Last year, we had more students apply for the Dropbox than spots available. This year, though we’ve expanded and hired more coaching, we anticipate running out of space once again. 

We prioritize applicants who a) plan on attending at least 5 bid tournaments next season, b) have experienced competitive success, c) come from underrepresented regions/schools and d) are hungry for success. The most important factor is your hunger—we have accepted freshman in the past who had minimal competitive experience because they demonstrated a desire and commitment to success. Click here if you would like to apply to the team. We look forward to reading your application!