Connor Davis

University of Michigan, Class of 2019

SWSDIT 2015 Champion, Alta 2014 Semi-finalist, TOC 2015 Participant

I started debate late, getting into national circuit debate essentially for the first time as a junior. I was in over my head, so I was just another run-of-the-mill local, traditional circuit nobody. But after having worked with Paras for only a few months, I had already earned a bid to the TOC. I chalk this, and eventually qualifying and performing well at TOC, totally up to Paras’s coaching. Paras is definitely one of the most knowledgeable people there is in debate, and he’s probably the best util debater there’s been in the last 10 years. The intricacies and nuances he explores and conveys really remind me of my professors explaining intricate concepts at depths that clearly indicate they are subject matter experts. We spent hours and hours talking and working on strategies prevalent in LD, such as Affirmative Framework Choice, RVI's, brink analysis, cost-benefit impact comparison, making strategic in round decisions, and so on. But what really sets Paras apart is his proven methods of teaching. I improved more than I ever did at camp and a year’s worth of tournaments working with Paras for a week. His well-thought out and effective simulation of round environment sets up the perfect storm for improvement for anyone serious about improving. Paras is gifted at creating the perfect setting to analyze, practice, reflect and prepare. I really wish I had found him earlier in my career.