Joining the Debatedrills Private Dropbox will help you take your career to the next level. Here’s a brief snapshot of the major benefits—click on the bullet point to learn more:

Access to everyone’s prep for each topic
We only accept debaters who are serious about competitive success—as a result every person on the team works hard and produces valuable prep. Instead of having only 2-3 teammates that can help you prep for a topic, you’ll now have 10+ hard working teammates working in harmony and divvying up the most pressing assignments according to each person’s strengths as a researcher.
Teammates across the country
Last year our team consisted of debaters from California, Arizona, Texas, New Jersey, and New York. This allows students on our dropbox to have practice debates with teammates who debate in regions they don’t regularly compete in while simultaneously exposing every student to a wide variety of debate styles and backgrounds, ensuring that every student is more successful when they travel to tournaments outside their region.
One on one strategy and MJP sessions
These sessions last about an hour and are vital to ensuring students are successful at every tournament they attend. In these sessions, we synthesize all the preparation the team has, discuss strategy vs. common positions, and go through all the judges and rank them. How a debater ranks their judges before a tournament significantly affects chances of success. Some judges are better for certain styles than others, and we’ve mastered the algorithm by which computer software’s assign judges. This allows us to strategically prefer judges we want our students to debate in front of and maximize the probability that we get judges that suit the students’ style in important debates.
Topic analyses and mid-topic check ins for every topic
We have a team conference call where everyone gets together and the coaches give a comprehensive analysis of the topic, what they anticipate debates to look like, and a reading list for helpful articles to get started on topic research. We also have a conference call halfway through a topic to update the team on the trends we’ve observed through judging and talking to our colleagues and discuss how we want to strategize vs. popular arguments. Each call lasts around 2 hours.
Prep delegation for every topic
Winning major tournaments and qualifying to the TOC requires understanding the topic at a very in-depth level and from multiple perspectives. Often doing this work alone is daunting. Using a task delegation software called Flow, we assign students tasks to complete based on their strengths as a researcher. This allows us to divvy up the seemingly never-ending amount of work that needs to be done into more bite-sized pieces that allow students to simultaneously thrive in other extra-curricular activities and school while also being competitive in National Circuit LD.
Comprehensive Backfiles
We have lined down, ready to use backfiles on every generic topic that can come up in a debate round that you can think of. From impact turns to answering every theory argument to answering every common normative philosophy to dealing with all type’s of Ks to topicality, our files are superior in quality and regularly updated. These files were hand-written by the coaches and their students over the years and have won countless important rounds. Click here to see what they looked like during the 2016-2017 season.
1 Complimentary drill session and discounts on further one on one private drills
We believe that having top-notch preparation is vital to success, but that preparation is less helpful if students don’t feel comfortable executing in high-pressure situations. Over the years, we have noticed that students who maintain a consistent practice schedule experience the most success. As such, as a perk of joining the team, you can, at anytime, have a free drill session with any instructor on any topic that you would like to work in depth on. You also receive discounts on future drill sessions.