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Vida competed in Policy debate for University High School (NJ) and competed in policy debate in college for Liberty University. She recently completed her Master's degree in Human Services Counseling at Liberty University. Vida has coached at Newark Science, University High School, and Liberty University. 

As a high school coach, Vida has coached debaters to win or advance to the late elims of major national and regional tournaments like Lexington, Lakeland, NDCA Nationals, Tournament of Champions, and NSDA Nationals. She has coached various students across LD and Policy debate to the Tournament of Champions. 

As a college debater for Liberty University, Vida qualified for and advanced to the elimination rounds at the National Debate Tournament for three years in a row, with an octofinal appearance in 2016. She has advanced to late eliminations of the Cross Examination Debate Association Nationals, reaching finals in 2016. As a college debate coach Vida Chiri has coached debaters in the elims of most major national tournaments such as Wake Forest, Cal Swings, and the National Debate Tournament.

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