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"As a student from a small debate program who ended up breaking at TOC, I can attest to the fact that Jack is the only coach you need to be successful at debate."

Ekaanth Veerakumar
Chaska High School ’21
2020 Blake Invitational, 5th Place
2021 TOC Elimination Rounds

"Jack's coaching has been instrumental to me and my partners’ success this season. His constant attention to detail and willingness to tirelessly run through arguments helped us qualify for nationals for the first time in our debate careers!"

Evan Violette
Chanhassen High School '22
Qualified for NSDA Nationals

"Jack is an amazing coach. Whether he’s giving feedback on drills and rounds, assisting with prep, or just talking strategy, I’ve consistently found him to be extremely helpful both in and out of the tournament setting."

Spencer Burris-Brown
Saint Paul Academy High School '22
Qualified for NSDA Nationals

PF Club Team

Each year, students hoping to excel at the highest levels in Public Forum debate walk away frustrated by not having the high-quality topic preparation, access to elite coaching, and the support they need to be the best debaters they can be. Since 2016, hundreds of families have signed up for our LD Club Team, which has experienced unprecedented success. Starting with the 2021-2022 debate season, we are thrilled to offer a Public Forum Club Team, headed by Jack Johnson and modeled off of our award-winning LD Team. Jack debated from 2016-2020 at The Blake School and is the most successful PF debater in history. He, along with our Leadership Staff and PF Coaching Staff comprised of top-tier former PF debaters, will oversee all aspects of the PF Club Team. 

PF Club Team Offerings

Each coach writes major affirmative or negative positions on every topic in their areas of expertise, giving each student on our Teams exclusive access to extensive major positions on the topic that are written by coaches with proven track records of success, in addition to all the other prep produced by students. 

We only accept debaters to our Club Teams that are serious about competitive success—as a result, every person on the team works hard and produces valuable prep. Instead of having 2-3 teammates that help you prep for a topic, you’ll now have 10+ teammates working in harmony and divvying up the most pressing assignments according to each person’s strengths as a researcher. 


Last season our Debate Clubs consisted of coaches and debaters from California, Arizona, Georgia, Texas, New Jersey, North Carolina, Washington D.C, New York, Florida, Wisconsin and Minnesota. Using a messaging application called Slack, the debaters and coaches on our Club Teams sent over 200,000 messages during the season, allowing for regular communication about all things debate. This community facilitates robust organic conversation to develop where students asked questions and received real-time feedback and support throughout the season. Alumni have consistently told us this is one of the best parts of being part of our Club Teams.

“I think the best thing about the DebateDrills Club Teams was the community/family I was able to meet. The mix of debaters that included debaters who topped the bid list to debaters who were just trying to get their first bid really motivated me to never stop trying.”–Aisha Sheikh, 9th Place 2017 Harvard Invitational, George Ranch HS ’17

Each week, students have 1 to 2 practices with a similarly skilled group of teammates led by our Coaches. Small group practices help students learn about positions, execute strategies, and make sure they are focused on debate. Practices include coach lectures, drills, practice debates, prep days, and more.

Having a lot of teammates to do practice rounds with was really helpful…It was great having constant check-ups on preparation and getting easy materials to do redos with – i.e. the rounds.” -Matthew Chen, TFA State Champion, Strake Jesuit HS ‘18

Each coach on the Club Team is a subject-matter expert in a different aspect of debate. Within 10 days of the topic being released, we will upload several 20-30-minute topic analyses that discuss a) what we anticipate debates to look like, b) major positions and strategies we have brainstormed, and c) a comprehensive historical analysis of the topic. Additionally, we circulate a reading list of helpful articles to get started on topic research. The coaching staff will also puts out regular topic updates where we discuss trends we are observing as the topic progresses, allowing for us to adjust our strategies as topics progress versus popular arguments.  

“The topic analyses were very helpful and made for very unique cases.” – Victor Luo, Arcadia HS ‘18

We hold open Office Hours weekly. During Office Hours, students get the chance to speak with coaches about their upcoming tournaments. In these sessions, we synthesize all the preparation the team has, discuss strategy vs. common positions, and answer any questions the student has. 

Winning major tournaments and qualifying to the TOC requires understanding the topic at a very in-depth level and from multiple perspectives. Doing this work alone is daunting. We assign students tasks to complete based on their strengths as a researcher. This allows us to divvy up the seemingly never-ending amount of work that needs to be done into more bite-sized pieces that allow students to simultaneously thrive in other extra-curricular activities and school while also being nationally competitive in Speech and Debate. 

I was apprehensive at first because I wasn’t used to splitting prep work and I was wary of the potential that not everyone may carry their weight. Within the first few weeks, I was proven wrong.My coaches and fellow teammates always produced consistently high quality prep along that was understandable and usable to all styles of debate. For once, I didn’t have to do all the work and not only did I get more free time for non-debate related activities." Amrita Chakladar, TOC Qualifier 

We have over 250 battle tested, ready to use debate files on every debate topic that regularly comes up in debate rounds. Our files are elite in quality and updated every summer by our Head Coaches. These files were hand-written by our coaches, refined over the years, and have won countless important rounds.

"The amount of backfiles that DebateDrills had was absolutely amazing. The backfiles helped me out in a lot of rounds because I no longer needed to spend time cutting cards on what everybody else thought was generic research.I could focus more energy on cutting cards that were more pertinent to the topic at hand, and that reassurance of having responses to generic positions greatly helped my debating." -Ali Ansari

Throughout the season, we hold optional seminars for our students on a variety of pertinent topics, including how to leverage debate for college, careers debate prepares you for, inclusivity in debate, literature reviews on popular debate philosophies and debate-specific skills like learning how to research more effectively. 

Navigating high school national circuit debate can be daunting, especially if you are unfamiliar with the procedures used in the community for tournament registration. We will help you through this process and show you how to register for tournaments, in addition to helping you find judges and communicating with the tournament director as necessary.

Over the last 2 years, we have had onsite or remote coaching at over 90% of octofinal and quarterfinal bid tournaments. We coordinate all logistical (e.g. flights, hotels, food) and operational (e.g. communicating with and making sure costs are evenly split) tasks required to fly coaches across the country to help our students compete at the highest level. 

From help with college applications to navigating high school, all of our coaches were high-performing students themselves and understand first-hand the rigors involved in being a successful high school debater while balancing schoolwork / other extra-curricular activities. We are constantly available via Slack to help mentor students through the inevitable ups and downs that accompany competitive debate. 

We help each partnership understand what their specific weaknesses are and create game-plans to attack those weaknesses relentlessly throughout the course of the season. Regular check-ins during the season help ensure students iteratively improve and have a guided, focused process. 

We provide students customized judge strike forms based on their individual strengths and weaknesses for all octofinal and quarterfinal bid tournaments. How a debater strikes their judges before a tournament significantly affects chances of success. Some judges are better for certain styles than others, and we’ve mastered the algorithm by which computer software’s assign judges. This allows us to strategically prefer judges we want our students to debate in front of and maximize the probability that we get judges that suit the students’ style in important debates.

A very underrated part of joining the Club Team is getting help with your judge strikes. The coaches help you do judge strikes strategically which both quickens the process and increases your chance of getting the judges you want in the back of the room.” – Parker Whitfill, 2017 TOC Champion, Phoenix Country Day HS ‘17

PF Club Team Pricing

National circuit PF debate is an expensive activity. We want to make sure families understand and are comfortable with the expected costs of national circuit PF debate prior to joining our program. Our PF Club Team operates for 9 months (August 1st to April 30th) and costs $4990 per partnership. This is priced at the equivalent cost of traditional 3-week residential debate camps and comes out to $2495 per family, which is roughly $250 per month for 24/7 elite coaching. The Club Team provides significantly more value to students over the entire season and each year we run out of space, having to turn students away. Spots are reserved on a first-come, first-serve basis. 


  • Duration
  • Post Season Championship Coaching*
  • Event
  • Skill Level
  • Ages

PF Debate Club Team

$4,990 | Partnership
($2,495 per person)
  • Aug 1 - March 1
  • Complimentary
  • Public Forum
  • All
  • 6th Grade - 12th Grade

*We offer all students who qualify to the Tournament of Champions complimentary extension on Club Team coaching through the end of TOC. Students who do not qualify for the TOC have the option to rejoin us for the following season at a discounted rate and participate in post-season practices targeted to their needs. 

Additional PF Club Team Costs

Due to overwhelming demand for our services, we strongly prioritize families who are willing to commit to the following additional costs to the program. We are happy to discuss any concerns you have, but we have had over 100 families graduate through this program and find the additional costs to be both reasonable in price and extremely valuable to accelerating their child's growth. 

Our students on the Club Team have the option to purchase a heavily discounted season-long tutoring package to supplement the work they do on the Club Team. We have found that students who commit to doing 1-on-1 tutoring sessions during the reason are most likely to successfully execute the top-notch preparation and resources they receive from being on the Team.  In our experience, students on the Club Team who regularly tutor are much more likely to experience success. Club Team students receive a significant discount - each session costs $25 dollars less than our market rate. Club Team students also receive exclusive access to Club Team coaches for tutoring. 

We coordinate tournament coaching (both onsite and remote) at major tournaments throughout the season. Families are asked to split the costs of Tournament Coaching, which averages to ~100 per tournament, per family. We usually have 2-3 of our coaches at every tournament, ensuring every Club student receives 1-on-1 help at tournaments.

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PF Club Team FAQ

Yes. In order to create a high-quality resource for the Club Team, it must be a closed loop and everyone must contribute their share. The three most important rules are a) you must agree to be 100% transparent, i.e. everything you produce must go on the dropbox, b) you must agree to not share any content on the dropbox with anyone in the debate community who is not part of the Club Team, with the sole exception of prep you produce and share with your school teammates, and c) you must agree to carry your own weight prep-wise. We assign case positions, blocks, and research to each student depending on their strengths and thus the Club Teams preparation becomes holistic.

Our teams comprise a diverse group of students across demographic factors. We have students from all over the United States, from 7th graders just learning debate to 12th graders who are consistently championing prestigious tournaments. Our students are primarily interested in Lincoln-Douglas (LD) and Public Forum (PF) debate. We separate out students into sub-groups based on their events, age, interests, and skill levels to facilitate targeted learning. 

Every year, we purposefully accept 10+ novices. We have worked hard create a team atmosphere where more experienced debaters have the opportunity to also work with less experienced debaters since teaching is the best form of learning. We are confident you will be pleasantly surprised by how approachable all of the “good” debaters on the Club Teams are, and how much you learn through the year. We strongly encourage you to join us even if you think you are not good enough—the whole point of the Club Team is we will help you get better!

We will make exceptions on a case-by-case basis, but in general, we will strongly prioritize accepting students who do not hire other coaches and instead are 100% committed to the Club Team. We have a strong desire to create a sense of community within members on the team, and that’s best done when everyone is fully committed to working together.

Membership on the Club Team does not include private tutoring sessions or tournament coaching. We believe that having top-notch preparation is vital to success, but we also know that preparation is less helpful if students don’t feel comfortable executing in high-pressure situations. Over the years, we have noticed that students who maintain a consistent practice schedule experience the most success, and accordingly, we offer a generous tutoring discount to students on the Club Team along with exclusive access to our Club Team coaches. 

Students should be willing (and expect) to spend 3-10 hours per week on Club Team related tasks, be it practice rounds, strategy sessions, seminars, tutoring, prep-assignments, or Slack conversations. 

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PF Summer Classes
Interested in custom offerings for your school team?
We have worked with many schools over the years and are able to create a coaching program for your team. Reach out to us at and we will connect you with coaches.


All of our Public Forum Summer Classes are designed and taught by a hand-picked group of former PF National Champions. Public Forum debate has become increasingly complex year after year, with each passing season seeing an introduction of brand new strategies that are quickly becoming adopted en mass. Our PF Classes are designed to help students navigate the quickly evolving landscape of Public Forum Debate. With an 8:1 student to teacher ratio, each class is taught by a National Champion instructor. Our students in PF have been in elimination debates at every major tournament in the United States, including the Glenbrooks, NSDA Nationals, and the Tournament of Champions. From weighing to rebuttal strategy, each class includes in-depth exploration on essential subject areas in PF.  

PF Beginner
Session A: 1-3 PST Sundays

PF Intermediate
Session A: 10 AM - 12 PM PST Sundays

PF Advanced
Session A: 4-6 PST Sundays
Session B: 4-6 PST Tuesdays

Details for All 8-Week Classes

Price: Individual: $595 | Team: $995
Dates: June 20 - Aug 15 (8 Weeks; July 4th Weekend Off)
Timings: Sunday (PST), 10 AM -12 PM, 1-3 PM, 4-6 PM

Ages: 6th - 12th Grade
Instructor(s): Jack Johnson, Morgan Swigert, Sasha Haines

Please note: If our time doesn't work for you, please email us at


That’s not a problem! We provide video recordings of every class and check in with students that miss class to ensure they are on track to catch up.

Depending on the nature of your concern, we will work with you to find the most strategic solution. We have a strong reputation of being excellent service providers and are confident you will love your experience with us.

Absolutely! Please contact us and we will help you assess what our best offering is for your unique needs.

Unsure which class is best for you?

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PF Tutoring

We do not offer pay-as-you-go, one-off tutoring sessions. We use a subscription tier model to ensure students are getting the most impactful debate education. All costs are split between families - we ask families to arrange one point of payment and reconcile tuition differences between themselves.

Pricing Tiers


All our instructors go through training and we regularly track instructor performance and growth. Accordingly, we tier our instructors based on 3 levels of experience to inform pricing:

All Pricing is Per PF Partnership (2 Families) - Families Split Costs Up Front

  • Tutor Experience
    (Hourly Rate / Session)
    (Hourly Rate / Family)
  • Associate Tutor
    ($50 / Session)
    ($25 / Family)
  • Lead Tutor
    ($75 / Session)
    ($37.50 / Family)
  • Expert Tutor
    ($100 / Session)
    ($50 / Family)

  •  Monthly Rate (4 Hours)
  • $200 / Team
    $100 / Family
  • $300 / Team
    $150 / Family
  • $400 / Team
    $200 / Family

  •  Semesterly Rate (16 Hours)
  • $760 / Team
    $380 / Family
  • $1140 / Team
    $570 / Family
  • $1520 / Team
    $720 / Family

  •  School-Year (32 Hours)
  • $1440 / Team
    $720 / Family
  • $2160 / Team
    $1080 / Family
  • $2880 / Team
    $1440 / Family


We use a subscription tier model to ensure students are getting the most impactful debate education.

Subscription Tiers



  • 1 on 1 Tutoring Hours
  • Discount
  • Priority Access To DebateDrills Club Team*
  • Duration
  • Individualized Learning Assessment
  • Individualized Tutoring Plan
  • Access to In-House Video Library


  • 4 Hours
  • N/A
  • N/A
  • 30 Day Recurring Cycle


  • 16 Hours
  • 5%
  • Fall (Aug-Nov) OR Spring (Jan-Apr)


  • 32 Hours
  • 10%
  • Fall AND Spring (Aug-Apr)

*Applications open in March of every year for the following season. 


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