3 Straight TOC Finals Appearances. 2 TOC Championships. The youngest-ever TOC Finalist. 80+ bids. 20+ Round Robin and Bid-Tournament Championships. Students working with DebateDrills regularly champion and participate in elimination debates in every prestigious tournament and round robing across the United States. Most notably, 80 high school students out of 2000+ are selected and invited to compete annually at a tournament called the “Tournament of Champions”, which is widely considered the most competitive and difficult high school debate tournament in the world. 6 preliminary debates occur with each debater affirming 3 times and negating 3 times. The top 16 debaters (sorted by win-loss records) are invited to compete in single elimination debates. Making it to the round of 16 at the Tournament of Champions is widely considered to be the “gold standard” of excellence in academic debate. We are the first coaching group in Lincoln-Douglas debate to have students in finals of TOC in three consecutive seasons (2017-2019).  


Our students have experienced a staggering amount of success at both the local and national levels. We have helped our students champion almost every major round robin in the country (including Kandi King, LHP, Harrison, Newark, California, Glenbrooks, and Apple Valley), countless prestigious regular-season invitationals (including Glenbrooks, Apple Valley, CPS, Voices, Valley, Bronx) and numerous state championships (including California and Texas, 2 of the most competitive state championships in the United States). Collectively, in just 3 years, our students have received over 80 bids to the TOC and championed over 20 major invitationals and round robins. 

Aggregate Statistics

We pride ourselves on not being “top heavy” and catering only to our most successful students. Our bid count as a group rivals those of the most established and dominant “powerhouse” debate programs in the country.


The vast majority of students who work with us end up advancing to and debating in elimination debates at the most competitive tournaments in the United States.

Student Demographics

We meaningfully interact with and help students from all regions of the United States and all age ranges. Our Prep-Sharing team has consisted of students of all grades and regions.