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Dan Allesandro

Northwestern University ’19, 4-3 TOC 2015 (Lost Round 7), Semifinalist at Harvard 2015 Invitational


My time working with Paras Kumar was when I made the fastest and most rewarding improvement as a debater. His commitment as a coach and exceptional attention to detail will help you fix the mistakes and improve problems that never even occurred to you.

Even though I was 2 years into LD when I started working with Paras and had been taught theory by numerous camps, I didn’t truly grasp the most important concepts until Paras taught them to me. What Paras helped with most was teaching me how to make messy rounds simple by giving winning 2ARs and 2NRs on both util and theory debates.

Paras was also very helpful for tournament prep. Leading up to big tournaments, he helped me think through different round scenarios to ensure I was prepared for whatever my opponents threw at me. What’s really valuable about Paras’ prep approach is he let me do all the actual research myself, and then helped me revise and optimize my case positions. This guaranteed that I would know my evidence well because I did my research myself. I would highly recommend hiring Paras to prospective debaters of all levels.

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Parker Whitfill

2017 TOC Champion