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Ishan Bhatt

TOC Champion, Harvard Finalist, Nationals Champion

Paras Kumar

Working with Paras improved my technical debating far beyond anything I had done before. His meticulous insistence on repeating speeches till perfection is particularly commendable. Before my senior year, my confidence in executing high-stakes theory and topicality debates was shaky, but Paras helped me develop a new area of strategy that I felt confident staking big  debates on. Drilling with Paras also improved my broad understanding of debate strategy. My skill in structuring final rebuttals, recognizing explicit argument interaction, and effectively instructing judges on argument resolution vastly improved. 

Whit Jackson

Whit is one of the best content coaches I have ever worked with. He is incredible at recognizing where your arguments have weaknesses and is skilled at helping you bolster their strength. He is able to improve your argumentation in its content and its delivery. In particular, I found practice debates and rebuttal redoes adjudicated by Whit to be very helpful and strongly recommend working with him if you get the chance. 


Raffi Piliero

Raffi is one of the most fun and skilled debate coaches  I’ve ever worked with. His ability to concisely deliver feedback and explicitly give immediately actionable recommendations makes drilling with him uniquely beneficial. His primary skill is in the policy-style argument area, in which he is a subject matter expert. His knowledge of the extreme minutia in these debates gives him a unique edge as an instructor. 


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Parker Whitfill

2017 TOC Champion