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I would not be anywhere the same debater I am today without the help of DebateDrills.

Jonathan Jeong

TOC Qualifier


DebateDrills is a collaborative team like no other. From anything about discussion of Afropessimism to Topicality, to Policy argumentation, no other team in the nation comes close to matching the same diverse and in-depth expertise that DebateDrills coaches have. The team is personally invested in your own success at every level, whether it is prep, advice, or drilling. I would not be anywhere the same debater I am today without the help of DebateDrills.
My debating changed immediately as a result of joining the DebateDrills Squad. Receiving access to the excellent coaching and seeing the high-quality prep that was on the Dropbox allowed me to understand and master many different skills, such as going for the K in the 2NR or going for 1AR theory while also helping me understand the nuances of debate strategy.

The best thing about the DebateDrills Squad is the sheer number of amazing teammates and coaches that you have to help you at any given moment. I was able to ask any one of my several teammates for a practice debate and be able to have rounds almost whenever I wanted, and I was able to ask questions in the group Slack channels and receive quick replies from many highly accomplished debaters and coaches. 

One major benefit of joining the team is the amount of high-quality prep that it produces, which allowed me to be as prepared as anybody I competed against on the National Circuit. Another benefit was the amount of feedback and help the coaches gave me, especially with answering questions that I had about the prep we produced. 

I strongly recommend joining the DebateDrills Squad - it is worth every penny if you want to improve exponentially in your ability to have competitive success on the National Circuit. 

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Parker Whitfill

2017 TOC Champion