Rex Evans

Duke 2024, DD Student from 2018-2020

After having been on the club team for three years I can honestly say DebateDrills has made me a better debater, teammate, and leader. When I first joined the team my sophomore year, there were top senior debaters who were always willing to do practice rounds and teach me new concepts. The coaches are always very active on Slack, willing to answer any of my questions as well as do calls/drills with me to hammer home important skills and arguments. My junior and senior years the staff was constantly looking for ways to make the DebateDrills experience better, whether it was streamlining speech document technology, increasing accountability for assignments, or making onsite coaching more effective and efficient. Finally, coming from a school with no debate program and after being largely alone at tournaments my freshman year, the sense of camaraderie I felt at tournaments with the other DebateDrills students as well as coaches was incredible.