I did dozens, if not hundreds, of hours of drills with Paras on util, theory, and strategy. I think it’s pretty safe to say that anyone who has worked with Paras has noticed huge improvements in short periods of time. Anyone who wants to be competitive on the LD national circuit would be silly to waste an opportunity to work with someone who has a unique talent and knowledge base in teaching and working with debaters from all types of backgrounds.

Kirk Wu

San Marino High School '17
Elimination Round Participant at Loyola 2016, Voices 2016, Alta 2016
CPS 2014, Berkeley 2015

I spent two weeks with Paras over summer at his personal debate camp. The main advantage, at first sight, was the individualized attention; instead of having lab leaders at a traditional debate camp, you have someone who is willing to work with you one-on-one throughout the entire time. But when I actually got to the camp, it was even more valuable than I expected.

The schedule was intense: 9-5 everyday, beginning with the drills for homework assigned yesterday, then analyzing a round, followed by lunch, redoing speeches from the round, and drills to target specific skills. Unlike other camps, which gave you plenty of leisure time, this individualized camp had one goal: to make you a better debater. And that has been Paras' mission for all his students.

CLUB TEAM icon-arrow-right-2

Parker Whitfill

2017 TOC Champion

Matt Chen

2018 Lexington Invitational Champion

Jong Hak Won

2nd place 2017 Stanford Invitational

Aisha Sheikh

2017 Harvard Invitational, 9th place

Victor Luo

Arcadia High School ’18

Ishan Timalsina

2015 Stanford Invitational Elimination Round Participant

Kirk Wu

2016 Loyola Elimination Rounds

Jack Coyle

2015 Berkeley Invitational - Reached Bid Round, 2-year circuit debater

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Parker Whitfill

2017 TOC Champion

Katherine Fennell

2016 Byram Hills Round Robin Champion

Chloe Brown

Qualified to Florida State as a Freshman
American Heritage High School ’19 

Nirmal Balachundhar

2017 Barklay Forum, 9th place

Matt Chen

2018 Lexington Invitational Champion

Pranav Reddy

2015 TOC Champion

Brennan Caruthers

2013 Cal RR Co-Champion

Connor Davis

2015 SWSDIT Champion

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Parker Whitfill

2017 TOC Champion

Kirk Wu

2016 Loyola Elimination Round Participant