Are there any rules I have to abide by to join this Dropbox?
Yes. This system only works if it remains a closed loop and everyone carries their weight. The three most important rules to mention are a) you must agree to be 100% transparent, i.e. everything you produce must go on the dropbox, b) you must agree to not share any content on the dropbox with anyone in the debate community who is not part of the team, including your school teammates and other coaches, and c) you must agree to carry your own weight prep-wise. We assign case positions, blocks and research to each student depending on their strengths and thus the dropbox becomes holistic, with a combination of high quality util, kritik, and framework oriented cases.
Can I still join if I attend a “big” school?
Yes, as long as your school coach approves and you can maintain the 100% transparency rule.
Can you keep my participation on the Dropbox confidential?
No, we cannot. We are, however, happy to sit and talk with your school administrators about their concerns about joining our team.
Can I see examples of the work and materials produced from previous years?
Definitely! Here is a dropbox link that will give you a good snapshot of the content on this past year’s September/October topic:
I can’t afford this service--do you offer discounts or any other services?
If you are not a returning student, we do not offer any discounts. We recognize debate can be expensive, and have accordingly started 3 full scholarships to this team. We encourage you to apply for those if this service is outside your budget.
Can I still hire other coaches and work with students not on the dropbox?
Yes, assuming you do not share the content of the dropbox with the other coaches and students you share prep with.