Chat Malladi

California Institute of Technology, Class of 2016

California Round Robin 2011 Participant, Advanced to elimination debates at Meadows, CPS, Stanford and Berkeley Invitationals

Paras coached me for one year in high school Lincoln-Douglas (LD) debate, when I debated at Harker. While I had three years of experience prior to meeting Paras, he helped me take my communication and debate skills to the next level. He improved my speaking and debate skills through drills that were both educational and enjoyable thanks to his friendly personality. 

Paras helped me learn elite strategies that were successful in LD. His unique position as a debater from a small school with limited resources drove him to gain a deeper understanding of rhetorical and debate strategies that contributed to his overwhelming success as a debater. These ideas and theories can often only be communicated from a position of experience, which Paras clearly had. 

Lastly, Paras showed me how to collaborate effectively at a high level, a skill I have found very useful as I transitioned to the "real world". Thanks to his network of friends in LD, he made me work effectively with peers at my own school and other schools, giving me access to information about advanced strategies, successful arguments, and new debate skills that are necessary for success. Overall, Paras helped me become a better debater, clearer speaker and more effective researcher.