Srikar Pyda

Duke University, Class of 2018

TOC 2014 Participant, Voices Round Robin 2013 Finalist, CPS 2014 Quarterfinalist


Through rigorous intensive drilling and round-by-round analysis, Paras transformed debate for me from a slew of unconnected arguments splattered across the flow into a strategic game of time-trade offs where debaters wove big picture stories from their line by line argumentation and weighing. He taught me to bridge the gap between the line-by-line and the big picture in debate rounds, teaching me to convey my arguments in a persuasive manner to my judges, teaching me both the technical and communicative skills for the activity. Paras understands debate at its heart, and has years of experience into teaching debaters to understand and excel at the activity in short but intensive periods of time. I would reccomend Paras to anyone who wants to take debate to the next level--if you are willing to put in the time, he will transform you into a debate super-star.