Over the last two debate seasons...

Our Private Prep-Sharing team:

  • Won the TOC
  • Had the majority of students advance to elimination debates at a bid tournament at least once
  • Received 45+ bids and qualified 10 debaters to the TOC
  • Reached deep elims (i.e. finished at least top 10) at the following tournaments: Greenhill, Valley, CPS, Loyola, Bronx, Berkeley, Glenbrooks, Harvard Westlake, Harvard, Emory, Yale, Voices, Golden Desert, Stanford, University of Houston, USC, and Lexington
  • Won almost every prestigious round robin across the country including the California RR, Kandi King RR (twice), Harrison RR, Strake Jesuit RR, Lake Highland Prep RR and the Newark RR
  • Received top 5 speaker awards at TOC, Bronx, Glenbrooks, Emory, Harvard Westlake, Valley, Voices, Emory and Apple Valley amongst many other tournaments
  • Had 3 students ranked in the top 10 across the country

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