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Alec is a political science major going into my junior year at Vanderbilt University. As a debater, Alec accumulated over a couple dozen bids across 3 events, went to NSDA all 4 years, TOC for 3. Alec got third at NSDA his junior year, went 7-0 in prelims at TOC his junior and senior year, ending as an octofinalist and quarterfinalist respectively. Every single team Alec has coached but one has qualified to Gold TOC, and the exception won Silver TOC as Alec was a senior in high school. Alec has coached an NSDA finalist team, along with TOC semifinalist, quarterfinalist (x2), and octofinalist (x2) teams. Alec coached at Delta Debate Academy for the last two summers. Alec really enjoyed working with teams on their weaknesses. Whether that be the K team that drops parents, or the lay team that needs technical help, Alec's coaching is rooted in individualized improvement.

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