Ishan Bhatt

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In high school, Ishan debated for St. Andrew’s Episcopal School in Mississippi. As a Lincoln-Douglas competitor, he was the first ever debater to champion both the National Speech & Debate Association tournament and the Tournament of Champions. He championed and was top speaker at multiple other national tournaments, including the Apple Valley (and RR), the Glenbrooks (and RR), Harvard (and RR), and more.  

Additionally, Ishan was a member of the USA debate team his senior year, debating in the World Schools format. Ishan was a member of the 5th placing USA Team at the 2019 WSDC and was individually ranked as the 5th best speaker at the tournament.

In college, Ishan does both British Parliamentary debate and policy. In BP, he was ranked best freshman speaker at the North American championships and in policy, he and his partner finished the year ranked 12th in the nation.

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