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Raunak debated for Archbishop Mitty High School in both Policy and Lincoln Douglas. They have reached late eliminations of many tournaments in both events. Some of the results they are the most proud of are reaching the quarterfinals of the Harvard Westlake Tournament and Semifinals of the College Prep Tournament in LD and reaching the quarterfinals of the Glenbrooks tournament and Stanford Tournament in Policy. Throughout their experience, they have also earned a host of speaker awards, the two that standout are getting second speaker at the Cal invitational in policy and the College Prep Tournament in LD.

While the arguments they are the most comfortable with and specialized in are primarily Kritikal arguments, during their Senior year, Raunak has seen the importance of argumentative flexibility and has worked on developing a more whole round approach to debate. Since then, they have gone for a wide variety of arguments like spark, process counterplans, topicality, Kritikal procedurals, politics DA’s, agent counterplans, big stick affirmatives, structural violence affirmatives, K affs that affirm the resolution, and K affs that impact turn resolution discussion. Given this, Raunak is well situated to help students across the ideological spectrum.

Raunak already has had a considerable amount of experience coaching in both Policy and LD. On the policy side of things, they were the Policy Captain for Archbishop Mitty High School. Raunak spent a large amount of time working with novice's and JV debaters and cultivating new and rising circuit teams. One of the teams that Raunak worked closely with that hadn't had much if any circuit experience prior, managed to make the octafinals Cougar Classic reading a policy affirmative and kritiks on the neg. Outside of their own team, Raunak has also worked with an independent debate program in Japan as an argumentative consultant where they helped develop strategies for running and debating against the Kritik. On the LD side of things, Raunak functioned as an assistant coach for 2 teams who were competing at the TFA State Tournament. Both of the teams read differing arguments and made it deep into the tournament. "One Student I worked with made the doubles round goin for trix and semiocapitalism. The Second Student I worked with read both Phil and Larp arguments making quarterfinals of the tournament. I can honestly say that I feel comfortable working with students of all argumentative preferences and skill levels!"

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