Truman Le

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Truman Le debated in LD for Westwood High School (Austin, TX) for four years and was the captain of his team his senior year. He is currently attending the University of Texas in the fall. Truman was successful on both the traditional and national circuit. He qualified for the TFA State Tournament his junior and senior, clearing both years, reaching octo-finals his senior year. He competed in outrounds of numerous tournaments including Grapevine, UT, Strake Jesuit, Churchill, and Colleyville. Truman currently coaches Westwood High School, where he's brought numerous debaters to late elims, bid rounds, and bids. Truman loves teaching different aspects of debate, specifically LARP and Theory. This is Truman's first year with Debatedrills and is really excited to be working with new faces this summer!

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