Whit Jackson

Whit Jackson's headshot

Whit Jackson debated at Brentwood School in Los Angeles, California from 2014-2018. He currently studies Computer Science and Philosophy at Williams College.

As a competitor, Whit attended the TOC in Lincoln-Douglas Debate as a Junior and Senior, collecting a total of 9 career bids. His senior year, he finished 3rd at the 2018 TOC, championed the Meadows and Stanford Invitationals, and finished 2nd at the UC Berkeley and Golden Desert Invitationals. He also received speaker awards at nearly every tournament he attended his senior year, including being ranked the 1st speaker at the College Prep LD Invitational and 4th speaker at the TOC.

Whit has spent his entire coaching career with DebateDrills. Under his guidance, DebateDrills students have won the TOC, the Glenbrooks, Apple Valley, Voices, Loyola, and reached late elimination debates at every tournament across the country. He is currently the Associate Head Content Coach for the DebateDrills Club Team.

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