Evan Engel affirms vs. Shruti Krishnan. The decision is split; Kumar affirms, Mercher negates. Here are some suggestions for redos: 1. Focus on doing more impact weighing in the 1AR that compares the aff impacts vs the psychological violence impacts the 1NC brings up. 2. Focus on more clearly and thoroughly articulating the Alexander analysis in the 1AR. 3. Focus on answering the Alexander analysis in the 2NR more thoroughly, and doing impact weighing. 4. Give both the 1AR and 2NR as they were given in the round and try to do it with the same thoroughness as the debaters but faster. Push yourself.

Alex Zhao affirms vs. Lucas Clarke in front of Erik Legried. The 2NR goes for topicality. Decision is in favor of the affirmative. Here are some suggestions for redos: 1. Do Lucas's 2NR again but focus on giving more weighing and answers on the "you can read PICs if the aff is whole res" debate. 2. Try to give Lucas's speech in 5 minutes instead of 6. Push yourself to get faster and faster. 3. Do some impact weighing at the top that compares what's more important: limits or PICs? Make this weighing non-superficial.

Raffi affirms vs Connor in quarterfinals of the HW RR. Decision is a 2-1 for the neg (Smith*, Kumar, Williams). Here are some tips for redos: 1. Answer the link turns in the 1AR in a much more comprehensive manner where you weigh the ACLU Michigan Card vs. each of the link turns. 2. Put link defense on each of the link turns in the 1AR. 3. Practice the 2NR that's all in on 2 link turns. This 2NR in real time was good but may have over-invested on the K.

Jack Wareham affirms vs. Alex Zhao. Debate comes down to Kant v Util and a link turn to the neg util offense. Decision is a 2-0 for the aff (Kumar, Castillo). Here are some suggestions for redos: 1. Cover the link turn in the 2NR and allocate time better on the various framework layers the 1ar has. Do weighing on which justifications are most important. 2. Give the same 1AR 45 seconds faster than Jack did and get out a "Phil PICs bad" shell.