We are incredibly excited about next year's coaching staff. Every year, debate becomes increasingly complex. Last year, the most successful debaters were equally well versed in util, theory, topicality, framework, and critical argumentation. In addition to content mastery, successful competitors must be technically sound and have good strategic vision, as well as be persuasive. Finding coaches who can teach all of this effectively is impossible since most coaches naturally have a “style” of debate they are most familiar and comfortable teaching from their days as competitors. 

Our coaching staff is like no other in the country. We have strategically hired subject matter experts in every core content area and skill in contemporary debate. Paras Kumar is a subject matter expert in theory, topicality, and util. Amit Kukreja is a subject matter expert in critical arguments and ethos. Nina Potischman is a subject matter expert in philosophy, theory debate and creative answers to new affs. Raffi Piliero is a subject matter expert in util, theory and K debates. 

We will help you prepare for the resolution, lead the direction of content creation within the Dropbox, and understand what the most popular positions will be and how to respond to them. We are available via email, phone and Facebook to answer questions you have about all things debate, from substantive questions about debate strategy to logistic and administrative questions like how to sign up for tournaments. 

Our track records of success as both competitors and coaches speaks for itself. The best debaters in the country consistently approach us year in year out to help them think through their strategies in our respective areas of expertise. We look forward to potentially working with you!