Why drills?

Our method is highly effective because it implements the philosophy of “do it yourself.” Drill sessions are structured to mimic real debate rounds, which a) increases student comfort with the topic area in question and b) improves confidence. We have noticed over the years that students improve rapidly when they implement a consistent drill schedule, and that such sessions are often more valuable than summer debate camps. 

We believe practice makes perfect—too often debate teachers focus on content and lectures and not on implementation. We will rarely lecture and prefer free flowing conversations where the student feels free to speak their mind and be an equal participant in the conversation. Not only does this create rapport between instructor and student, but it also ensures the student feels comfortable making mistakes in the sessions, allowing them to progress faster. This philosophy applies not just to students, but also for our instructors. We are constantly creating new drill sets to run for students and working on innovative teaching strategies.

Please check out any of the free drills on this website for an in depth example of what these sessions look like!