What medium will we work through?
Typically we use Skype, facetime, facebook video chat, google hangouts, or phone call, depending on the strength of the wireless signal on both ends.
Do you do “lay” drills?
Absolutely! In fact, many of our students are “lay”debaters who compete locally and not nationally. As competitors, we were incredibly successful at “lay” debate and have an endless amount of drills and techniques we can teach you to improve your performance.
How do you decide what drills we will do?
You can request any topic that you are struggling with or give us a general list of skills you want to improve upon and let us create a plan to best tackle that weakness. We have students who approach it both ways and are equally satisfied.
Will you personalize a curriculum for me?
If you would like us to decide the curriculum, then yes, absolutely! We will send you a diagnostic that assesses your weaknesses and strengths and create a game plan from there.
How do I schedule drill sessions?
Once you sign paperwork and take the diagnostic, we will send you links to our personal scheduling websites and you can sign up at your convenience there.
What is your cancellation policy?
You can cancel a booked session up until 24 hours before the beginning of the session and receive a full refund.
What if I am dissatisfied with the drill session?
We will give your money back, guaranteed! This has never happened before and we are confident you will be satisfied.
Am I too young to get value out of these sessions?
Probably not. We regularly work with students as young as 7th grade.
Can my friends and I do joint group drill sessions?
Absolutely! We will not change our rates for group sessions, though we have noticed that group sessions tend to be less effective than one on one coaching.
My team doesn’t allow private coaching, can you keep our drill sessions confidential?
Yes, but we value transparency and encourage you to be honest with your team coaches.