Why Debatedrills?

We are the best at what we do, and we believe excellence speaks for itself. So far this season (2016-2017), we have regularly conducted drill sessions with over 25 students, including 10 who will be at the 2017 TOC. Here is a sample of what students are saying about us-- click here for more indepth testimonials:

"But what really sets Paras apart is his proven methods of teaching. I improved more than I ever did at camp and a year’s worth of tournaments working with Paras for a week."

Connor Davis

TOC 2015 Participant

"I personally found myself making leaps within single sessions."

Ishan Timalsina

Stanford 2015 Elimination Round Participant

"The best part of his coaching was drilling. He had a ton of helpful drills to do – especially with theory and util debating – and provided feedback at every step along the way."

Jackson Lallas

TOC 2015 Quarterfinalist, Glenbrooks 2014 Finalist