Ishan Timalsina

University of California, San Diego Class of 2019

Captain of Rancho Bernardo Debate Team 2013-2015, 1 year circuit debater, advanced to elimination debates at Stanford Invitational

Paras won’t spoon feed you cards or give you secret cheat codes, but if you actually want to become a better debater, he’s your guy. I personally found myself making leaps within single sessions. While drilling, Paras would often stop me at each mistake to stomp out bad habits. He would analyze each section of a speech and would then show me how to make the speech perfect. This was immensely helpful because he clearly explained the rationale behind his own choices so that I could replicate these speeches in real rounds. Thanks to Paras, I went from struggling to flow rounds to being technically proficient enough to win high level national circuit rounds and advance to elimination rounds at the Stanford Invitational in a matter of months. He’d explain in minutes what I couldn’t understand in years without him.

My experience with Paras wasn't confined to drills. For the first time, I had a coach to prepare me before specific rounds as well as the benefits of having a team (a group Paras coached as opposed to people attending the same school) dedicated to being successful on the national circuit. These advantages made a world of a difference as an independent who would otherwise have to prepare for a topic and plan tournament logistics completely on my own. If you want to improve at debate, the best thing you could do is contact Paras as soon as possible.