What people are saying...

"Most importantly, I want to thank the Debatedrills Squad as a whole. I come from a school that has a really great speech and debate program on the whole, but it doesn’t have a lot of circuit LD, and that was really difficult for me as the first part of my career I didn’t really have a lot of arguments, I wasn’t exposed to a lot of things, I always felt like I just couldn’t have the prep to compete. Ya’ll have really helped me out and helped me get here in the first place."

Parker Whitfill, 2017 TOC Champion, TOC Finals Thank You Speech

"For the first time, I had a coach to prepare me before specific rounds as well as the benefits of having a team (a group Paras coached as opposed to people attending the same school) dedicated to being successful on the national circuit. These advantages made a world of a difference as an independent who would otherwise have to prepare for a topic and plan tournament logistics completely on my own. If you want to improve at debate, the best thing you could do is contact Paras as soon as possible."

Ishan Timalsina, UCSD '19