Many students are at a competitive disadvantage because their schools do not invest in elite debate coaches who help find high quality evidence and write strategic cases that can win big debates. Three years ago, I started running a pseudo-team comprised of students across the country that produce files in a closed-loop network using a file sharing application called Dropbox.

Based off overwhelmingly positive feedback, I have expanded this service every year since 2014. To ensure high quality, there is a cap on the number of students we accept every year. For the 2017-2018 season, we anticipate having roughly 20 spots available and 3-4 coaches to manage the direction and contents of the Dropbox. 

This team attracts students from all over the US with all types of debate style preferences, ensuring that prep is holistic and diverse, with a combination of high quality cases in every major form of debate (e.g. util, theory, framework, and critiques). Each member of our coaching staff has a different area of expertise, ensuring that students have a subject matter expert to approach at all times. 

Students on the Dropbox get access to a supportive community of teammates and coaches, have all their work closely edited, get individualized pre-tournament strategy and judge preference meetings, have access to endless resources (including everyone else’s prep and all of our backfiles, which are high quality and ready to use), and experience significantly more competitive success than they would have otherwise.