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DebateDrills offers 100% virtual, financially rewarding, and professionally enriching Speech and Debate jobs. We are constantly eager to work with coaches who have a demonstrated passion for Speech and Debate. We have worked hard to create a culture where you are encouraged to take ownership over your role and truly able to impact our students' debate journeys. We deeply value our interpersonal co-working relationships. You’ll have the opportunity to work with a great group of people, mentor others, and get one-of-a-kind experience working in the education field.

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The DebateDrills staff team showcasing Lucas Clarke (Director of Operations), Paras Kumar (CEO), and Whit Jackson (LD Club Team Head Coach) from left to right

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"DebateDrills is a debate company like no other. Not only does it carry a forward-looking view of debate, providing cutting-edge instruction from seasoned instructors, it also strives to provide an A-grade work culture where employees heard, valued, and respected. At a time where many debate-related and education services companies are coming under heat for poor interpersonal practices, DebateDrills sets itself apart as a young but emerging leader in the industry."

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"I would recommend working with DebateDrills to any other prospective employee!"

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We are looking for self-starters who are consistent, ambitious, and hoping to make a difference in the world of speech and debate. We value thorough, detail-oriented workers who view debate work as more than just a way to pass the time. We offer excellent pay, guidance and career mentorship, and opportunities for rapid internal promotion.
Roles at DebateDrills vary according to our students needs. Below is a list of roles that are currently available for applicants - applicants are not restricted to only one role.


Tutors work closely with students in a 1 on 1 setting to provide targeted, specific instruction while utilizing our in-house curriculum materials.

Camp Instructor

Instructors will work over the month of June in a variety of different roles, including lab leader, tutor, judge, and student mentor.

Club Team Assistant Coach

Assistant Coaches help coordinate and produce team prep, provide classroom instruction, and work closely with club team students in a group and 1:1 capacity throughout the week and at select tournaments.

Classroom Instructor

Classroom instructors will lead small groups of students on a structured curriculum over the course of several months. Instructors will build relationships with those students and help them make sure that they are learning new skills throughout the school year.

Academy Instructor

Academy Instructors create elite materials for debate students who can use the courses for self-paced learning. We have created an incredible infrastructure for producing and housing debate courses that help resolve information asymmetries in debate.

Application Process

DebateDrills hires based on need. While we accept rolling applicants, we may not have positions available at that exact time. Please do not hesitate to reach out should you have any questions about the below application process.

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