Online Summer Debate Camp Checkout

10,000+ Hours of Online Coaching Completed

Fully Online Since 2015 

2 Week Core

Dates: June 5 - June 18

Total Price: $1,995

Deposit Price: $1,000

2 Week Intensive

Dates: June 5 - June 18

Total Price: $2,995

Deposit Price: $1,500

3 Week Intensive

Dates: June 5 - June 26

Total Price: $3,995

Deposit Price: $2,000

Can I choose which Lab I am placed in and who I tutor with?

We field requests and have historically not had a problem accommodating specific requests, but ultimately we assign students to labs and specific instructors based on student needs and instructor availability. We’ve hired an award-winning staff and we make sure that you get personalized instruction targeting your specific needs and weaknesses.

My schedule is busy and I am unsure if I have time. How does schedule work?

All activities are designed to run from 4-7 PM PST on weekdays and 11-7 PM PST on weekends. We offer families flexibility to ensure their students can participate in other activities during the month of June. Everything is organized, scheduled and delivered using our professional software stack. Specific details are sent out in mid-May.

Can I attend both a residential debate camp and the DebateDrills Online Camp?

Absolutely! Many of our instructors and students attend both our Camp and a residential camp. We have specifically timed the Camp so that students can get the best from both experiences. If you are going to a residential camp after the Summer Intensives, we are glad to draft an email to the Camp Director and update them on your progress to help with your lab placement.

How many hours a day should I expect to work?

Ultimately, it depends on how hard you push yourself. You should expect to attend lab for 6 hours per week at minimum, and have 3 hours of homework per week. Additionally, you should expect to tutor weekly and do 1 hour of homework per hour of tutoring. Historically, our average student spends roughly two to five hours a day on debate during the Online Camp, but students can - and have - been more or less involved depending on their schedule and dedication.

Can I choose what I learn this summer?

Yes! The reason families love working with us is because we are focused on your unique needs and prioritized customized learning plans that are not one-size-fits-all. Every student has the option to go through an Individualized Learning Assessment (ILA) in May to create specific learning progressions based on their strengths and weaknesses, which rapidly accelerates progress.

Who is eligible to apply to the DebateDrills Online Debate Camp

Our program is designed for 6th to 12th graders interested in competitive academic debate. We teach both traditional and circuit debate in Lincoln-Douglas and Public-Forum styles. If this does not describe you, but you are still interested in joining us, please contact us directly to discuss further.

"The DebateDrills Club Team has made me a better debater, teammate, and leader. Coming from a school with no debate program, the sense of camaraderie I felt at tournaments with the other DebateDrills students as well as coaches was incredible."

Rex Evans | 3 Year Debate Club Member
Duke University, Class of 2024
2nd Place, 2018 National Debate Championships (TOC)
#1 Ranked Debater | 2020-2021 Season