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300+ Students Tutored

4000+ Hours of Tutoring Completed

40+ Tournaments Won

Please do not schedule immediately after purchase - we will reach out within 24 hours with onboarding information and connecting you to a specific tutor that fits your needs.

Associate - Monthly

Price: $300

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Lead - Monthly

100+ hours of tutoring

Price: $400

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Expert - Monthly

200+ hours of tutoring

Price: $500

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Associate - Semester

Price: $1140

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Lead - semester

100+ hours of tutoring

Price: $1520

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Expert - semester

200+ hours of tutoring

Price: $2000

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The school-year package is available upon request. Please email us at leadership@debatedrills.com if you are interested in this package.

As Managing Partner of DebateDrills, Paras has extremely limited availability and requests that families commit to at minimum 10 hours of 1-on-1 tutoring prior to working with him. He charges $150/session. You can purchase a package below.

Need help deciding which tutoring package is right for you?

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I'm interested in doing only 1-2 hours of tutoring - is that an option?

We ask that families commit to at least 4 sessions per month. After delivering thousands of hours of tutoring, we think this is the best way to structure a committed debate education.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Absolutely! Your confirmation email will have a link that will be used to cancel any subscription renewals.

Do I get to choose who my tutor is?

We have historically never had a problem fielding requests. Our tutors are all in high-demand, so we will ask you to rank in order of preference and cannot guarantee you get your first choice tutor. Subject to mutual scheduling availability, we strive to pair students’ with their preferred instructors.

What happens once I purchase a package?

We will email you within 24 hours and ask you to fill out an intake form and match you with your preferred instructor.

How does the subscription service work?

This PDF details in depth how the subscription service works. Once you purchase a package, we will walk you through any remaining concerns you have, but please think of tutoring with us as similar to any popular recurring subscription service like Netflix.

"I would 10/10 recommend tutoring with DebateDrills to any debater. The tutors are able to teach extremely well no matter what your current debate level is and will contextualize instruction to suit your needs. They are world class debaters and coaches, and being able to pick their brains for ideas, arguments, and strategy for 4 years made me the debater I am. There’s nothing quite like it."

Anthony Ma
2017 California State Champion
Columbia University, Class of 2022