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Why Debate

Debate teaches students vital skills like critical thinking, persuasive speaking, and efficient researching. Colleges have been very clear: debate is one of the best things a student can do to get a leg-up in the admissions process. In fact, many colleges go so far as to offer generous scholarships to former debaters. In a time where communication and public speaking are more important than ever for employers and for future success, debate is a perfect training ground for students.

"DebateDrills provided a platform for Jason to interact and learn with top debaters in the country, forming a strong bond with each other. Jason felt fully supported at tournaments. Words can not express my gratitude and appreciation to DebateDrills for teaching Jason all these years - I have no hesitations recommending DebateDrills to anyone who desires top notch debate training."

Jenny Chan | DebateDrills Parent

"Drilling with coaches and practicing with the other members made for a great and effective orientation to the wide and scary world of circuit debate."

Mark McDermott | DebateDrills Student

"Jackson grew tremendously as a debater because of the ongoing support from Debate Drills. I highly recommend DebateDrills to parents looking to have their children improve their debating skills and success."

Kati Hanna | DebateDrills Parent

"As parents, we were very appreciative of efforts DebateDrills made to keep costs as low as possible." Bill Towner

We found that DebateDrills was invaluable for Asher. Asher went to a high school that did not have a robust debate program to prep and debate at the levels of his peers from more established schools. DebateDrills helped Asher build a sense of team and community that otherwise wouldn’t have existed.

Bill Towner | DebateDrills Parent

Working with DebateDrills

Introductory Debaters

Students new to debate are our most valued and important students. We have a variety of options for them to begin their debate journey and learn concrete skills.

 Introductory Classes
 Introduction to Debate Summer Camp
 DebateDrills Academy

Intermediate Debaters

Intermediate Debaters typically are looking for a deeper, focused approach to debate that helps them quickly improve their tournament results and their national rankings. We have worked with hundreds of students at this stage of development and recommend:

 Intermediate Classes
 Core or Intensive Summer Camp
 DebateDrills Club Team
 Private Tutoring
 DebateDrills Academy

Advanced Debaters

Advanced Debaters are trying to become the best debater in the nation. They look for serious coaching support and are interested in winning the hardest tournaments in the country. We have consistently worked year after year with debaters ranked top 10 in the nation in the following ways to great success:

 Advanced Classes
 Intensive Summer Camp
 DebateDrills Club Team
 Private Tutoring

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Further Reading

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