How to Prepare for a World Schools Tournament

Next, let’s discuss how to prepare for a WSDC tournament. There are several possible avenues to go about preparing for a tournament. Each round in world schools is different: some rounds are on a “prepared” topic that is delivered to debaters. These rounds tend to go much deeper on major clash points since they can be researched in advance. Debaters are expected to prepare case materials on each side of the motion: that includes framing and substantives one through three on each side. Impromptu motions are given to debaters roughly an hour before the round. Debaters then need to fully prepare their argumentation and strategy for the upcoming round. 

For a prepared motion, the first step for all debaters involved is general background research on the topic at hand. With a background, you will be able to proceed to effectively brainstorm your positions and discover the best arguments to make in the debate. Then, the research process can begin. Take care not to over-cram your positions with statistical evidence or quotes from journals. In Worlds, evidence is used sparingly. The concept of “last name” “date” for presenting evidence does not exist. Research is most useful to a) find historical examples of your argument coming true in other instances and b) learning from experts about the conceptual underpinnings of your arguments.