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Connor is a rising junior and philosophy/political science double major at Williams College in Massachusetts. This is his third year coaching debate. In previous years he has received outstanding reviews as a teacher at multiple debate camps, coached numerous debaters, and judged consistently at circuit tournaments. His junior year he won the Alta Silver and Black Tournament, was in finals of USC, and qualified to the TOC. As a senior, he won first speaker at both the Greenhill Round Robin and Invitational Tournament, was a finalist of the Greenhill Round Robin as well as the Harvard Westlake Round Robin, placed 3rd at the Glenbrooks, 3rd at the Barkley Forum, 5th at the California Invitational at UC Berkeley, and was in octofinals of the TOC. During his career he specialized in policy and kritiks, but since entering college he has become better versed in philosophical literature as well.

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