Paras Kumar

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Paras is the principal architect of DebateDrills and oversees its day-in day-out workflows. He received a B.S. from the University of California, Berkeley, where he was also a PhD student until December 2018.

Paras is one of the most successful debate coaches in the 21st century. Having personally delivered 5,000+ hours of 1-on-1 online debate tutoring since 2011, Paras has played a close role in coaching 2 TOC champions (2017, 2019), the youngest TOC Finalist in history (10th grade, 2018), 1 TOC semifinalist (2012), 2 TOC quarterfinalists (2015, 2018), 4 TOC octofinalists (2012, 2018 x2, 2019), 2 TOC Top Speakers (2012, 2019), 2 Glenbrooks Champions (2018, 2019) and the California (2017) + Texas (2018) State Champion. Paras is the only coach in competitive debate history to coach three consecutive LD debaters (2017-2019) to the Championship Debate at the annual National Championships: the Tournament of Champions (TOC).

As a competitor, Paras was a self-taught independent debater without formal debate coaching. He was a top-15 ranked LD debater in the United States during the 2010-2011 debate season. He received 5 qualifying bids to the TOC, was the top speaker and 2nd place contestant at the 2011 Stanford Invitational, and finished 9th at the 2011 Tournament of Champions (TOC).

"I think Paras understands debate at a deeper level than anyone else in the United States. He is a subject matter expert at cost-benefit analysis, debate theory, and debate strategy. Paras made sure to push me on critical aspects of debate that I often forgot. He made sure I was persuasive, strategic and word efficient."


Parker Whitfill
2017 National Debate Champion (TOC)

"Working with Paras improved my technical debating far beyond anything I had done before. His meticulous insistence on repeating speeches until perfection is particularly commendable."


Ishan Bhatt
2019 National Debate Champion (TOC)

"I worked with Paras extensively the summer before my senior year and leading up to the National Championship, and based on that time I honestly believe Paras is the most unique and exceptional coach in the entire business. I attribute a large part of my own personal development in debate to Paras."


Regan Grishaber
2012 National Championship (TOC) 3rd Place

"My time working with Paras was when I made the fastest and most rewarding improvement as a debater. His commitment as a coach and exceptional attention to detail will help you fix the mistakes and improve problems that never even occurred to you."


Dan Alessandro
2015 Harvard Invitational, 3rd Place



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