Tyler Zabolio

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Tyler Zabolio has been in the world of competitive debate for over 7 years. In high school, he competed at both the state and national levels in Impromptu speaking, Extemporaneous speaking, and Public Forum debate. The NSDA ranked him a top 50 Impromptu speaker, as well as a top 50 ranked Public Forum debater in Washington in both his junior and senior years. He also made it to the quarterfinals in the Washington State Debate Tournament his senior year. Tyler is now on the Varsity Policy debate team at Gonzaga University and gets to travel all around the country competing on the NDT-CEDA circuit! He is in his sophomore year at GU and is majoring in Business Administration with a focus in Public Law and Policy. Tyler is also working towards minors in both Political Science and Leadership. As a debater he is pretty flex, consistently running both kritikal and policy arguments. He has 2 years of coaching experience and is well-versed in a lot of literature.

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