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John Nahas debated for La Salle College Preparatory in Pasadena, California. Over his career, he amassed 12 TOC bids. Most notably, John cleared at TOC and placed 5th at NSDA Nationals. During the regular season, he championed Jack Howe (twice), La Costa Canyon, and California State Fullerton, finaled Alta, and semifinaled Berkeley, Golden Desert and Arizona State University. John also won first speaker at numerous bid tournaments, including Arizona State and Jack Howe. Since graduation, John has privately coached teams to over 50 gold bids and over 65 bid rounds, championing tournaments such as Princeton, Jack Howe, Georgetown, Santa Clara University, Bellaire and Peach State Carrollton. His teams have also finaled at Bronx Science, the Stanford Invitational (2x), UNLV Golden Desert, and Grapevine, and semifinaled at Stanford (2x), Apple Valley, Arizona State, Presentation, Blue Key and the Texas State Tournament. His teams have also closed out the Strake Jesuit Round Robin (2019), and placed in the top-3 at the Presentation Round Robin, the California Round Robin at Berkeley, and the Strake Round Robin (2020). Overall, John qualified over 12 teams to the TOC; his teams cleared 4 times, twice reaching quarters. One of his teams was also the first team to ever be back-to-back top-seeded at the TOC. He also qualified 8 teams to NSDA Nationals, breaking them all, with 3 top-14 finishes, including a 3rd place finish in 2019.

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