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Ray is a Public Speaking teacher who has also taught Theater and Spanish. Currently he works as a speech coach for international students entering graduate school in the U.S. He has also coached TED talk speakers and students on the NSDA China team.

From 2011-2018, Ray was a high school Speech and Debate coach at a small school in Virginia. During his tenure he coached many students to top 3 places in the Virginia Catholic Forensics League and Shenandoah Valley Forensics League. He lead many qualifiers to the Virginia District NSDA tournaments, and under his eye many students broke to elimination rounds at invitationals such as James Madison University, University of Pennsylvania and William and Mary. In his last year coaching, he had a student who qualified to NSDA Nationals in Biq Questions and a PF team who qualified to and attended the NCFL Grand Nationals. During his time, the team was top 10 in NSDA’s Virginia ranks every year. Ray completed the Second City Theater Conservatory program in Toronto before becoming a drama teacher, which lead to him being asked to assist then later coach his school’s Speech and Debate team. After leaving his former school, Ray worked at a performing arts academy until the pandemic shut down all theaters. During the pandemic, Ray judged at over 50 online tournaments. This return to the community inspired Ray to want to teach Speech and Debate again.

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