Sully Mrkva

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Sully is a first-year-out from Brentwood High School in Tennessee and will be attending Virginia Tech in the fall. During his four-year tenure at Brentwood, he accumulated 9 Gold bids to the Tournament of Champions and was ranked as high as 3rd in the nation. Sully championed national tournaments like The Mid America Cup and The Ivy Street Round Robin, along with reaching deep out rounds at a host of others including Bronx and Glenbrooks. Most notably, Sully earned an Auto-Qual at the Gold TOC as a junior, with him championing the 2022 Tournament of Champions his senior year and placing 5th at the 2022 NSDA Nationals Tournament. Individually, Sully has coached teams to qualify for both the Gold ToC and Nationals, where his teams won speaker awards and reached elimination rounds. He’s super excited to come to DebateDrills as an instructor and work with y’all before the season begins!

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