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Often the first person their team’s novices went to for help, Kayleigh Gill spent most of their high school years in the debate and forensics room. A two-time national qualifier, and competing in East Kansas, their primary events were Congressional Debate, International Extemporaneous Speaking, and Policy Debate. That being said, they have experience competing in or coaching all events in the NSDA debate and speech. In Congress, they presided for four years, as well as training team members to both preside and to give speeches. They ran the research for their team as a junior and senior. They helped lead the East Kansas Novice workshop as a senior. In International Extemporaneous, they focused on structuring speeches, getting the theory and statistics rather than blindly reciting content. They also trained novices in this, and ran worknights to aide all levels of extempers. As for Policy debate, they competed in all levels, competed at TOC bid tournaments, and were Novice of the Year. They focus on the theory of debate, and primarily ran K’s, theory, and soft-left Affs. Overall, they emphasize the theory behind the activity and the world, rather than simply speaking skills, leading to more well-rounded speakers. They are currently studying International Relations and Business at the University of New Mexico, primarily due to their experience in International Extemporaneous speaking. Outside of debate, they play Dungeons and Dragons, violin, and learn obscure Victorian crafts.

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