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Harvard-Westlake 2019: Paras Kumar working with Lavanaya Garg

Since 2011, Paras has conducted 2000+ hours of one-on-one drills with 200+ students ranging from 6th to 12th grade. He has worked extensively with debaters from every background, skillset and region, ranging from lay debaters to novices trying to start circuit debate to students who have won the TOC. 

Most debaters never become effective coaches, and even fewer coaches become elite drill instructors. High quality drill instructors must (1) have a mastery of debate strategy and time trade offs, (2) an expertise in executing the most common types of debate (i.,e. util, framework, critique, and theory debates), and (3) an ability to quickly, effectively, and enthusiastically explain complicated concepts in simple terms to students with a wide variety of learning styles. Every staff member on DebateDrills has spent time learning best drilling practices from Paras and is a proven drill instructor. 

Most coaches struggle to execute effective drill sessions because they can no longer "spread" and debate at the level they debated at as competitors, turning drill sessions into "do as I say" instead of "do as I do". As trends evolve, so does strategy, and good coaches must adapt to the game. We have prided ourselves on staying ahead of the curve, and students have consistently approached us because of how effective our techniques are. Read our testimonials to see for yourself.


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What are drill sessions?

Drill sessions are akin to subject specific tutoring. We go over specific problems the student is having, be it technical (e.g. speaking faster, more efficiently) or substantive (e.g. trouble executing a certain debate, such as util debates, framework debates, theory debates or critical debates). 

All drill sessions are built on the following pedagogical model: we will (1) imitate a real round and read the position the student is struggling with, (2) have the student respond to that position, and then (3) go over their responses with them and help them understand how to improve the speech they gave. Homework will be giving the improved speech next time we have a session. On average, we get through 2 topics per session.


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Harvard-Westlake 2019: Students hard at work drilling between rounds


Why drills?

Students and Coaches at the Harvard-Westlake Tournament

Our method is highly effective because it implements the philosophy of “do it yourself.” Drill sessions are structured to mimic real debate rounds, which a) increases student comfort with the topic area in question and b) improves confidence. We have noticed over the years that students improve rapidly when they implement a consistent drill schedule, and that such sessions are often more valuable than summer debate camps. 

We believe practice makes perfect—too often debate teachers focus on content and lectures and not on implementation. We will rarely lecture and prefer free flowing conversations where the student feels free to speak their mind and be an equal participant in the conversation. Not only does this create rapport between instructor and student, but it also ensures the student feels comfortable making mistakes in the sessions, allowing them to progress faster. This philosophy applies not just to students, but also for our instructors. We are constantly creating new drill sets to run for students and working on innovative teaching strategies. 

Please check out any of the free drills on this website for an in depth example of what these sessions look like!


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What students are saying...


What really sets Paras apart is his proven methods of teaching. I improved more than I ever did at camp and a year’s worth of tournaments working with Paras for a week.


I personally found myself making leaps within single sessions.         



The best part of his coaching was drilling. He had a ton of helpful drills to do – especially with theory and util debating – and provided feedback at every step along the way.         



Typically we use Skype, facetime, facebook video chat, google hangouts, or phone call, depending on the strength of the wireless signal on both ends.
Absolutely! In fact, many of our students are “lay”debaters who compete locally and not nationally. As competitors, we were incredibly successful at “lay” debate and have an endless amount of drills and techniques we can teach you to improve your performance.
You can request any topic that you are struggling with or give us a general list of skills you want to improve upon and let us create a plan to best tackle that weakness. We have students who approach it both ways and are equally satisfied.
If you would like us to decide the curriculum, then yes, absolutely! We will send you a diagnostic that assesses your weaknesses and strengths and create a game plan from there.
Once you sign paperwork and take the diagnostic, we will send you links to our personal scheduling websites and you can sign up at your convenience there.
You can cancel a booked session up until 24 hours before the beginning of the session and receive a full refund.
We will give your money back, guaranteed! This has never happened before and we are confident you will be satisfied.
Probably not. We regularly work with students as young as 7th grade.
Absolutely! We will not change our rates for group sessions, though we have noticed that group sessions tend to be less effective than one on one coaching.
We do not view our services as a replacement for school teams. You have to get permission from your school coach to do drills with us - this has historically not been an issue, as we've done drills regularly with students from established programs such as Strake Jesuit Preperatory School and Lake Highland Preperatory School. We are happy to sit and talk with your school administrators about their concerns about tutoring with us.

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Harvard-Westlake 2018: Paras working hard with students

Rates vary depending on which instructor you want to work with - the exact details are available on the application form below. 

We don’t count down the clock waiting for the hour to end - teaching is something we are passionate about and our primary goal is to help you improve. 

Accordingly, if sessions run 5-10 minutes over the scheduled hour, that is including in the hourly rate. Please fill out the application if you are interested in scheduling drill sessions and working with us.


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Due to high demand for drill sessions, we have created an application process. Priority will be given to students who are:

  • from underrepresented regions and background
  • willing to diligently do their homework
  • have a demonstrated commitment to debate
  • have had prior competitive success.



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TOC 2019: Champion Ishan Bhatt with Finalist Jaya Nayar