Grace Homan

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Grace Homan debated for four years at The Blake School in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Over her career, she broke to elimination rounds over twenty times at national tournaments such as Glenbrooks, Princeton, Yale, Stanford, Blue Key, Apple Valley, Blake, and more. Most notably, Grace championed the Golden Desert Invitational at UNLV and Badgerland, finaled the NDF camp tournament, semi-finaled at Dowling, and quarter-finaled at Milo Cup. Grace amassed ten speaker awards over her career as well as six bids, qualifying her to the Tournament of Champions her junior and senior year. Grace has lots of experience coaching through her roles as the captain of Blake’s debate team, State Lead of Fremont Debate Academy, and Minnesota’s Secretary of Beyond Resolved. At NYU, Grace plans on pursuing a degree in Political Science due to her passion for social justice which she likewise pursues through her involvement in debate.

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