Sasha Haines

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Sasha Haines competed in Public Forum Debate for Chagrin Falls High School for four years, and was a co-captain of the team during her junior and senior year. Sasha competed often nationally, reaching elimination rounds at numerous national tournaments including the Sunvitational, the Season Opener at UK, UPenn, and Stanford. Throughout her career, Sasha qualified three times to the Tournament of Champions, was the Ohio State Champion, and won the 2020 NSDA National Tournament. She coached Montgomery Blair High School, helping them amass 11 TOC PF Bids over the 2020-2021 season. Sasha co-founded the Silver Bullet Brief, a debate brief that donates 100% of its profits to organizations that increase equity and access within the debate community. Finally, she created Integrum Debate, an institution with 50+ students, dedicated to helping debaters find their style and adapt to different round styles. Sasha is currently studying Public Policy Analysis and Philosophy, Politics, and Economics at Ohio State University. She particularly enjoys teaching more “flay” styles of debate.

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