Kacey Lee

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Kacey debated for McMinnville High School in 2017-2021. She is currently an English and Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality studies double major at Cornell. During her debate career, she primarily competed in Public Forum Debate and Extemporaneous speaking. Despite financial barriers and competing without a coach, a few notable tournament accomplishments include, Octos at NSDA Nationals in Extemporaneous debate, Doubles at NSDA Nationals in Worlds Debate, Doubles and Octos in Public Forum at ASU, Finalist at Jean Ward Invitational in Extemporaneous speaking, among others. Due to program cuts at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, during her senior year she coached Public Forum novices and served on the Executive Board of Beyond Resolved from 2020 - 2021. As a coach, Kacey prioritizes teaching debate skills conducive to creating an academically challenging, fun environment. Outside of debate, Kacey enjoys reading, writing, F1, art, and watching the Portland Trail Blazers with her cat, Fish.

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