Martand Bhagavatula

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Martand debated for 3 years at Fairmont Prep in Anaheim, California. Across his career, he was ranked as high as first in the nation, qualified to the California State Tournament and Gold TOC twice each, and reached elimination rounds at 15 tournaments, accumulating 8 bids in the process. Most notably, he reached finals at the University of Kentucky Season Opener and placed 2nd at the Emory Round Robin, alongside receiving 7 speaker awards, highlighted by 2nd place finishes at Jack Howe and ASU. He captained a Fairmont squad that led the United States in TOC bids during both the 2018-2019, and 2019-2020 school years, and as a coach, has led multiple individual teams to their first Gold TOC qualifications, alongside having worked at both Platinum Debate and the Potomac Debate Academy before joining DebateDrills.

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