Adithya Vaidyanathan

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Adithya debated PF for four years at William Fremd High School in the suburbs of Chicago, IL. In his first year on the national circuit, he reached the semifinals at Stanford, Mid America Cup, and several top 10 speaker finishes. Additionally, he received bids from prestigious tournaments like the Glenbrooks. He concluded the year by breaking to the octafinals at gold TOC, becoming the first Illinois team in history to accomplish the feat. On the local circuit, Adithya is a two-time Illinois state champion and two-time captain of the Illinois all-state team. Over four years, Adithya accrued 16 first-place speaker awards, and 18 first-place finishes, only ever losing three rounds. He subsequently set the school record for wins, win percentage, and speaker points. In 2022, Adithya became the first debater in Illinois history to have two perfect seasons. After debating, Adithya coached for his high school, leading three novice teams and the JV teams to sweep their respective podiums at state. Additionally, Adithya volunteered his summers to coach debate at local camps. Adithya loves to teach how to effectively crossfire, organize summary/final focus, and adapt to flay judges. In his free time, Adithya plays baseball, practices karate, and trains to be a pilot.

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